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My Mummy, Susan, was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 19?? (of course she won’t tell me how old she is!!), where she met my Daddy, Richard, in 1991. They moved to Venezuela in 1997 and then to Houston, Texas, USA in 2001.

As I mentioned on my About Me page, I have lots of family and friends all over the world who know about my BIG bunny adventures. I would love to share all of them with you too, so I inspired my Mummy to write the 'Giving Paws for Thought' series of books, as yet unpublished, and here they are:

Bramble Finds His Forever Family

A Picture Book based on the true story of a
'Really Real Rabbit'

Bramble loves being a magician's bunny, but one day Murdoch the Magician tells him he is too big for the top hat and he will have to find a new home. What will Bramble do and how will he find his forever family?

BUMPER – The Bunny Who is Blind

A Rhyming Picture Book based on the true story of
'Really Real Rabbits'

Bumper is a bunny who is blind. He has just moved to his new home, where he bounces and bumps into things he cannot see. He meets his bunny buddy Bramble and together they go on a magical journey, exploring and learning about Bumper's new world.

The A to Z of Me

Bramble ~ The BIG Scottish Bunny
An A - Z book based on
'My Favorite Things'

Beginning with "A is for APPLES, I absolutely adore. B is for BRAMBLE, bouncing bunnies and more. ", all the way through to "Y is for YOU, my fun boys and girls. Z is for ZIGZAG, where it ends in a whirl."



  • Member - Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators
  • SCBWI Conferences/CBI Children’s Authors’ Bootcamp Attendee
  • A passionate and serious writer of Children’s Picture Books
  • Volunteer at Sight into Sound, Inc. - Houston, TX, USA
  • Volunteer at DePelchin Children's Center - Houston, TX, USA

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