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Hello My Friends!

I am ‘Bramble’ Brae Parker, a.k.a., Bramble ~ The BIG Scottish Bunny. I was born on a cold and snowy winter's day in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I am a rather unique, Frosted Pearl, Mini Lop bunny and have fabulously floppy ears and furry feet  

At only a few weeks old, I left my Bunny Mummy and began living in the pet store with Murdoch the Magician as his 'furry foster friend' and 'magician's bunny'. Performing on stage for many magnificent months was extremely exciting - can you guess my favorite trick? Of course, "RABBITCADABRA"!! - ME, magically appearing in the top hat; dazzling and amazing the boys and girls with all our wonderful magic!

I loved being a magician's bunny, but one day I got too big for the top hat and I had to find a new home; it was a very scary time for me. My 'foster friend' Murdoch the Magician, sharing the most magnificent words with me, said, "My special bunny, I will miss you with all my heart. If you really do want to find your forever family, you will find them. Believe in your dreams, make a magical wish and special things will happen!" Being the determined and ambitious bunny I am, I helped make my wish come true and I finally found my 'forever family' - it was the most magical moment ever :-)

I lived in Scotland for the first few years of my life in my very own BIG cage inside my Mummy and Daddy's house and had a BIG garden where I loved running and playing. Daddy was then offered a job overseas and we were moved to Houston, Texas, USA. Saying a sad goodbye to my Gran and Grandad, we traveled by car to Manchester, England to catch the 'Delta Transatlantic Bunny Flight'. Everyone at Delta Airlines made me feel very special and I had fun running around in the departure lounge, where lots of boys and girls were talking to me and stroking me, it was fabulous fun!!

I am a lucky bunny, as I have lots of family and friends all over the world who really enjoy hearing about my BIG bunny adventures. Sharing them with all of you would be wonderful, so I inspired my Mummy to write the 'Giving Paws For Thought' series of books. The ones already written and any future books will do the important job of helping many different chosen charities and my vision is to find a publisher who can help make my dream a reality. It's an extremely exciting time and I can't wait to meet all of you at my book readings and signings.

Read all about them at About Mummy on my website!


Serious Bunny! The Art of Doing Nothing!
At Work! The Great Outdoors!
A Magical Time! A Magical Oops!!
In A Flash - Magically He Appeared!! Independent Bunny!
My Really Real Cousins ~ Christopher and Ottavio Chris and Otter in Bluebell Wood
At Home Off to Work!
My Special Friend ~ Natasha Natasha at Work
Caught!!! Snuggle Bunny!

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